The Onncore team is made of professional, experienced individuals with a thirst for innovation.

Our Team

The Onncore team is made of professional, experienced individuals with a thirst for innovation. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds and bring their unique world experiences to the table to shape new solutions and business models every day. Our team members enjoy solving complex problems and find satisfaction in helping clients. We are a professional group of employees looking to help your business grow and become more efficient.


Alice Kong is a veteran in the payments processing space with over 40 years experience. As a college student, her first assignment in the bank card industry was at Bank of America where she spent the first 18 years of her career. She learned the business from ground up and her last assignment with the bank was National Sales Manager. The alumni association for Bank of America is extensive. This has translated into her ability to reach her former colleagues around the globe. After leaving the bank, Alice sold on the national sales team for both First USA (now Chase/Paymentech) and for National City Processing (NPC).

As Regional Vice President at First USA, Alice managed the national sales force for the western United Sales. During her tenure she was personally responsible for signing multi-year contracts with very notable clients such as Universal Studios, Hollywood, Egghead Software, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Hard Rock Café (domestic) and Camping World.

As National Vice President at NPC Alice managed 2 national vertical markets for the company, retail apparel and retail electronics. In the mid 90’s at NPC, her personal goal was $1 billion in new sales volume and 20 million new transactions.

In 1998, Alice joined BuyPass a front end processor and changed her role from being a direct sales executive pursuing merchant business to recruiting sales representatives to represent the company. This transition from direct to indirect business further rounded her expertise in the processing business giving her a perspective from both sides of the processing world.

Alice transitioned through the acquisition of BuyPass by Concord EFS and ultimately the merger between Concord EFS and First Data. This places her in a very unique position in that she is more than likely the only individual in the nation who can lay claim to have had work experience with the top five of top five payment processors.

Previously, Alice had also held the position of President of a prepaid Company in Southern California. She has served on the ETA planning committee for four years and is a founding member and has served as a Board of Director for the Western States Acquirers Association for the last 15 years.

Alice’s passion is her self- funded charity, Aloha Kiss. The main focus of her efforts is spent making 1500 hats annually for the service people overseas. On the home-front, she spearheads donations to the homeless, underprivileged children, cancer wards, substance abuse shelters and for women who are in shelters for the abused.


Jim Martinez has over thirty-five years of experience as a senior financial executive with extensive background in financial modeling, strategic planning and execution. Jim was a founder and CFO in one of the first meta-search online travel sites, Cfares.com, which sold to the largest airline consolidator in the US, Mondee Inc. Jim was also the corporate controller for Mondee Inc., which managed 5 multi-million dollar companies throughout the US. His experience in the wholesale travel space is extensive.

Previous to embarking into the airline travel business Jim’s role was the CFO of Verical Inc. who was then acquired by Arrow Electronics. Jim has held senior management positions, directing operations, information systems and business development with several Silicon Valley companies, PLX Technologies (PLXT NASDAQ), Budweiser Distributor in Silicon Valley, and Excambria Inc.

Jim’s experience spans both the public and private sectors including extensive contracting, tax accounting and compliance experience with both state and federal organizations. He earned his MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles, and an BS in Business administration, from San Jose State University.