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Dollar Store POS

Track Your Inventory

Dollar Store Businesses hold thousands of items in inventory at any given time. This large inventory count can be quite a challenge at times. Onncore Dollar Store POS Solution includes a crazy smart Inventory Management System that will keep you ahead of the curve. You can track inventory at the item-level in real-time, you always know what you have in stock. Set low stock alerts to automate reorders, manage all your vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Fast-Checkout Will Keep Your Lines Moving

Onncore Dollar Store POS Solution is powered by a lightning-fast processor that makes customer checkout a breeze. Accept payments in any form, including debit, credit, store card, gift card, cash and more, and process payments in seconds. Onncore checkout technology will have your floor staff operating at the highest levels of efficiency.

Track Employee Performance

All you need is an internet connection to access the Onncore technology platform. If you are out of the store, you can keep tabs on your management team and employees to ensure everyone is doing their part. Set and manage employee schedules, track arrival and departure times, and grant administrative access to your star management team to carry on affairs in your absence.

Grow Customer Engagement to Build Brand

To compete in today’s intensely competitive retail environment, it takes creativity and will-power. One proven method to increase retail sales is to focus on building a loyal base of customers that turn into fans of your brand. Onncore Dollar Store POS Solution enables you to create customized Customer Loyalty Programs, award points, and process redemptions to build your brand for the future.


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